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Yukon 15 Ton Unleaded Petrol Log Splitter

Yukon 15 Ton Unleaded Petrol Log Splitter

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With its robust build and powerful engine, the Yukon 15 Ton Petrol Hydraulic Log Splitter makes light work of winter preparations. It easily converts chopped logs into smaller pieces for your firewood stack.

Powerful 196cc 4-stroke engine
This petrol log splitter boasts a 4-stroke, 196cc engine on a durable solid steel frame. The splitter head is also made from solid steel which ensures lasting durability.
With two retaining bars and a non-slip forcing plate, this unit ensures that your logs won't fall or roll around as they're being fed into the splitter. The full-size leg stands, combined with the longer control lever, also allow for comfortable operation. No more back pain from repeatedly crouching down.

To position the unit, simply pick it up by the carry handle and wheel it to your desired location. The 10-inch tractor wheels allow for maximum portability, so you can split logs anywhere on your property. And with the petrol-powered engine, you don't need to be near a mains power outlet.
Split logs safely and efficiently with the Yukon 15-Ton Petrol Log Splitter!

  • 15 Tons of splitting force
  • Brand:Yukon
  • 196cc Commercial-grade motor
  • Fuel type:Unleaded Petrol
  • Hydraulic Seal system minimises risks of leaks
  • Engine type:4-Stroke
  • Superior oil filtration means low maintenance
  • Displacement:196 cc
  • 10-inch wheels for easy portability
  • Max Force:15 tons
  • AUS/NZ-standard dual redundancy safety
  • Log Length:520 mm
  • Ram Stroke:390mm
  • Dimensions: L144 x W69 x H55cm
  • Cycle Time:16 sec
  • Hydraulic capacity:4 Litres
  • Weight:89 kg

  • 1 x Petrol 15 Ton Log Splitter
  • 1 x Log Splitter User Manual
  • Carton Dimensions
  • L1150 x W315 x H560mm
  • Gross Weight: 102kg
  • Net Weight: 89kg
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