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Karrera Acoustic Cutaway 40in Guitar - Black

Karrera Acoustic Cutaway 40in Guitar - Black

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Unleash Your Inner Ed Sheeran!:
This steel-stringed acoustic guitar is a great choice for any aspiring singer/songwriter or someone who's keen to get reacquainted with their musical roots.

Three Chords and the Truth:
You won't need anything else with the guitar body crafted from all-natural wood. The fine construction ensures a rich, full-bodied sound as you play or practice on the guitar. And with its high-gloss finish, this guitar will turn heads whether it's displayed in your living room or slung around your shoulder.

Rock On (Comfortably):
This full-sized, 40-inch guitar is ideal for taller players The cutaway allows for easier access to the top frets, so you can play and master the chords faster. This set also includes bonus strings, two guitar picks, a shoulder strap, and a protective carry bag.

  • High-gloss finish
  • Fine wooden construction
  • Length: 40 inches (101.6cm)
  • Fretboard length: 18.5 inches (47cm)
  • Body: 10cm wide

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Bonus Steel Strings
  • Guitar Picks
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Carry Bag
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