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Kahuna Replacement Oval Trampoline Pad / Spring Cover

Kahuna Replacement Oval Trampoline Pad / Spring Cover

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This trampoline pad is made from a tough weatherproof PVC which is reinforced with embedded nylon mesh to ensure long life under the harsh Australian sun.

The pad is fitted with an 11cm PVC skirt which hangs down over the frame. This assists in locating the padding and also improves the appearance of the trampoline.

Durable elastic ties under the outside edge of the pad at regular intervals tie the padding down securely to the frame.

The internal padding is a high density 15mm thick synthetic foam rubber.

  • Suits Kahuna 8ft x14 ft Oval Trampoline only
  • Trampoline safety spring pad
  • Pad width: 25cm
  • 11cm outer skirt
  • High density 15mm synthetic foam
  • Nylon mesh reinforcing
  • Spring locating ties

  • Brand: Powertrain
  • Material: UV proof PVC
  • Size: 8ft x 14ft
  • Colour: Orange

  • 1 x Oval Trampoline Pad
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