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Anti-Shock Trekking Hiking Walking Poles Sticks Pair - Red

Anti-Shock Trekking Hiking Walking Poles Sticks Pair - Red

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Kabuda trekking poles are constructed from tough, lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy.
Featuring a rugged anti-shock internal spring, they can be set to any height from 65cm to 135cm and only weigh 350gm each!
The stainless steel tip won't wear out even after years of use and these poles are fitted with a tough adjustable nylon hand/wrist strap.

The benefits of Kabuda trekking poles: Kabuda trekking poles are very popular with experienced mountaineers and casual walkers alike.
Kabuda trekking poles will reduce back stress during ascent and descent, especially with a loaded backpack, and greatly assist your hiking stability over uneven terrain and stream crossings.

The telescopic height adjustment allows you to lock the pole with a simple twist at any height from 65cm to 135cm.
Each seamless telescopic section of the Kabuda alloy trekking pole is further protected from corrosion by an anodizing process which ensures a long life and gives your equipment that durable professional look and feel.

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  • High quality sure-grip handles
  • Anti-shock internal spring system
  • Versatile tip: rubber or stainless steel
  • Removable sand basket for soft ground
  • Telescopic mechanism

  • Brand: Kabuda
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Size: 65cm to 135cm
  • Unit Weight: 350gm
  • Colour: Red

  • 2 x Trekking poles
  • 2 x Sand basket caps
  • 2 x Rubber tips
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