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1.2m 7 Tonne Container Ramp

1.2m 7 Tonne Container Ramp

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This is a new heavy-duty container loading ramp manufactured from 4mm steel with reinforcing ribs.
It is suitable for driving forklifts or loading cars or heavy machinery into and out of shipping containers and can be picked up from the front with a forklift.

The ramp length is 1.2 metres, providing a low gradient, and 2.3 metres wide, with a maximum ramp height of 150mm.

Due to the weight and size of this ramp, we offer limited delivery.

This ramp must be loaded only onto a suitable vehicle by forklift. Due to OHS regulations, the ramp cannot be manually handled in any way whatsoever when loading on collection or delivery. If you request delivery you must have a forklift available to unload the delivery vehicle.

  • Weight: 135kg
  • Dimensions: 1250 x 2250 x 150mm
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